Code is like humor.

When you have to explain it, it’s bad.

IT systems are key to delivering information and intelligence to improve innovation — we can help you do just that.

What we can help you achieve

Systematic Fixes | Industry Expertise | Fast Problem Resolutions

Our Specialties
  • Project Scoping & Planning
  • Business Process & System Design
  • Project Management Support
What We Do
  • Software Development
  • Web UI & UX Design
  • Database Management
  • In-house IT Support
Industries We Serve
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Fast Turnaround
  • High Performance Sites
  • Top WP Themes
  • Mobile Responsive

01. Research

Establishing requirements of the project is key in ensuring that the objectives are clear and precise to produce the highest quality applications.

02. Design

After defining requirements, our team of designers then research for the best design for your website. Our designers create wireframes to visualize the look of your website. Once approved, we’ll create mock-ups ready for the actual web or app development.

03. Develop

We start by constructing templates, importing data, and creating the application’s unique features. At this stage, our main deliverables are application codes and files. Our development team codes your applications at the best speed possible.

04. Testing

Once your website or app is developed, it undergoes through a strict testing process to ensure that it runs on various devices and free of bugs.

05. Deployment

After testing, we prepare for your website or app launch. Our years of app development experience gives us an in-depth knowledge on how to make your website or app ready for the marketplace.

06. Maintenance

Daily, weekly, or monthly checks are conducted throughout our system — ensuring that its high performance is well-maintained.

Beautiful, functional websites and apps across all devices.

Socioking builds functional, attractive websites, and apps to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and deliver a seamless
UI/UX experience for your customers. Whether you want a single landing page or a complex mobile app for your enterprise, we can
deliver what you need in a quick, cost-efficient manner.

Before Socioking

Hand rolling code is fun sometimes, but not ideal for getting projects done.

With Socioking

Elegantly designed websites which are also mobile friendly.

Our Web Development Projects.

From single landing pages - to eCommerce websites, we are an expert on various web development projects.

Single Landing Page

Basic web design and development needs for companies.

Corporate Site

True to requirements, mission-critical and component-based web applications that cater to any business needs.


Conversion-centered e-commerce sites designed for a more streamlined online business management, increasing traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

Database Administration




Network Administration


In-house IT Services & Support


It’s time you regain
control over your information.

Socioking offers IT support to ensure your company’s systems continue working effectively and without glitches. Our Team works continuously, with back-up plans already in place in case anything goes wrong.

The source for computing and technology.

Platforms We Work With

Bridging the gap between physical and digital platforms — providing a convenient experience for our client's business workflow.